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Terms and Conditions


Long Distance Services - Terms and Conditions

1. Definitions

"Services" are any and all of the residential and small business long distance voice services and related product offerings provided by North Pine Technologies Inc. - "NPT". "You" means the subscriber to any Services including any person, firm, corporation or other entity that utilizes the Services.

2. Use of Services and Responsibility for Charges

Use of Services and Responsibility for Charges You may use the Services for any purpose, provided that you do so in compliance with all applicable laws and regulatory requirements. You are responsible for paying all charges for the Services, including for all calls and services:

3. Billing and Payment

Charges will commence as of the activation date for the applicable Services. NPT will invoice you monthly for charges for the Services on the customary billing date. You must pay amounts invoiced by the due date specified on the invoice, failing which you will be charged interest on outstanding past due amounts beginning on the day after the amounts were due at the rate of 1.5% per month (19.56% per annum), or such other rate as NPT may set from time to time. The invoice will include, and you will be responsible for paying, applicable taxes, interest on overdue amounts and charges for returned items ($15.00 per returned item). NPT will bill you based upon call duration in one minute increments. Call timing will be determined conclusively by NPT's network systems. Any fraction of an increment will be treated as an entire increment.  NPT reserves the right to require payment on an interim basis, prior to the normal billing date in circumstances where there is an abnormal risk of loss, for example where you have incurred a significant amount of long distance or other charges, or in situations of suspected fraud. In such cases, charges will be considered past due when the time period for payment as specified by NPT has lapsed. You must bring invoice inquiries and disputes to NPT's attention within 30 days of the invoice date or you will be deemed to have accepted the invoice as accurate in all respects. NPT will review any disputed charge, provided you continue to pay the undisputed portion and subsequent invoices. If you do not claim your credit balance within the 180 day period, it shall become the property of NPT, and any account credits provided by NPT will expire. NPT reserves the right to charge a reasonable processing fee in connection with issuing refunds.

4. Credit and Security Deposits

Credit and Security Deposits: NPT reserves the right to examine your credit record and to require a deposit or other security, including payment by credit card, before it provides, continues, or reinstates Services to you. Should NPT at any time consider a credit deposit to be insufficient, a further credit deposit may be required. NPT will determine, at its discretion, how your deposit or other security will be allocated to satisfy outstanding amounts owed by you to NPT. By subscribing to the Services, you authorize NPT to investigate your creditworthiness and agree, from time to time, to provide appropriate authorizations and financial information as NPT may reasonably request for this purpose.

5. NPT's Right to Refuse to Provide Services

NPT may at its discretion refuse to provide Services to you.

6. Service Interruption

NPT may interrupt your Services at any time for any duration of time, without any notice or liability, in order to install, inspect, repair, replace or to perform necessary maintenance on the telecommunications equipment, facilities or network, or for other technical reasons as may be required.

7. NPT 's Liability


8. Your Liability

9. Suspension or Termination of Services by NPT

10. NPT Initiated Changes in Telephone Numbers

NPT reserves the right to change the access telephone number assigned to you. NPT will provide notice of such change to you indicating the date of such change.

11. Your Right to Cancel

NPT permits you to cancel your Services at any time by contacting NPT's Customer Service at the number shown on your invoice. You will be responsible for all charges incurred up to the effective cancellation date, which may be later than the requested cancellation date due to administrative requirements.

12. Changes, Modifications or Termination of Plans or Plan Features

Without incurring liability, NPT may at any time and without notice to you, change, modify or terminate any plan or plan features, in whole or in part (including the rates or charges). In the event of any such change or modification, you will be responsible for paying all charges incurred for the use of such Services despite the change or modification, both before and after the date thereof. In the event of a termination of a plan or plan feature, you will be responsible for paying all charges incurred up to the applicable termination date.

13. Customer Confidentiality

Unless you consent in writing, or disclosure is pursuant to a legal power, all information kept by NPT about you, other than your name, address and telephone number, is confidential and may not be disclosed by NPT to anyone other than:

14. Customer Service

You may contact our Customer Service for information, inquiries or concerns regarding the Services, or other NPT services or products, your account or any other matter relating to NPT, seven days a week, at 416-630-1633. You may also write to NPT at:

North Pine Technologies Inc.
32 Clarissa Dr., Suite 226
Richmond Hill, ON
Canada L4C 9R7

16. General Terms of Service

These General Terms of Service are binding upon you and on NPT and are subject to change from time to time. You cannot assign or transfer your rights or obligations under these General Terms of Service without NPT's prior written consent. These General Terms of Service are governed by the laws of the province of Ontario.


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